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Hockey in Hong Kong for children under 18 is run and managed by the Hong Kong Hockey Associations Promotion & Development Committee. Within this section they manage Mini Hockey (5-12 years old) and Youth Hockey (12-17).

As club, we are actively growing our Minis (4 to 8) through to Juniors (8-12) into the Youth (12+) with the goal to bridge the gap between Hong Kong Mini Hockey and Senior Hockey.

We cater for kids age 4 up to 17

a group of boys in sports uniforms on a field

Minis (4-8)

Our youngest hockey fans start in the Minis as of age 4. Within this group we focus on fun play and eye-ball-stick coordination. As of age 6 we start splitting the kids into groups that are more suitable to their individual skill level, where the kids will focus more on technical hockey skills and game play. Our Minis also regularly participate in tournaments with U6 and U8 teams.

Juniors (8-12)

Starting age 8 the kids we put more emphasis on sportsmanship alongside the technical hockey skills and collaborative game play. The Juniors represent DHC in the U10 and U12 teams in tournaments.
a group of boys in sports uniforms on a field
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Youth (12+)

Our Youth section is the bridge to Senior hockey. During training, the teens focus on team sportsmanship, in-game scenarios and technical skills. The DHC Youth participates in regular inter-club activities, such as friendlies, the Youth League and tournaments. Some of the more advanced Youth players join our Senior hockey training for more practise and hockey exposure, with the goal to join the Senior teams in league matches.

SEASON 2023-2024